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Finca La Rosala “Tasting” Pack

25,99  inc. tax

A pack to meet them all (or at least the most essential). A pack with the 8 best-selling references from our Gourmet Range (hand-roasted nuts in the oven with innovative ingredients) together with the best cocktail, Cocktail Supreme, from our Chef Range (hand-roasted nuts in the classic style, to the point of salt ). Ideal for 2-3 people to get an idea of what Finca La Rosala is at an unbeatable price. “For many, the best nuts in the world.”

Gourmet Truffle Marcona Almonds – Jar 90g
Gourmet Luxury Cocktail – Jar 90g
Gourmet Curry Peanut – Jar 90g
Gourmet Rosemary Marcona Almond – Jar 90g
Gourmet Lemon-Lime Cashew – Jar 90g
Gourmet Honey Pecan – Jar 75g
Gourmet Orange Pistachio – Jar 90g
Gourmet Korean BBQ Cashew – Jar 90g
Chef Supreme Cocktail (roasted with salt) – Bag 150g

Contains presentation diptych Finca La Rosala “Tasting” Pack

2-3 days to Spain and Portugal, 5-6 days to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy.


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