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Finca La Rosala “IRON-MAN” Pack

37,80  inc. tax

The pack of athletes without limits, for leaving your skin every week in training and needing to replace high amounts of carbohydrates and proteins in a very short time. This pack is ideal for you, made up of the noblest nuts from our Salt-Free Chef Range, hand-roasted in the oven without any added ingredient, 100% natural but toasted to the point to further reduce the amount of water and facilitate their intake and digestion. Feel the invigorating effect from the first fruit!

Chef Shelled Pistachio (roasted without salt) – Bag 500g
Chef Largueta Almond (roasted without salt) – Bag 500g
Chef Cashew (roasted without salt) – Bag 500g

Contains presentation diptych Finca La Rosala “IRON-MAN” Pack

2-3 days to Spain and Portugal, 5-6 days to France, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Italy.


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